Termo Descrição

Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (where the Blanco Telescope and the DECam are located, in Chile, near from La Serena.)


Or Gavo-Dachs, is a software developed by the German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory. We use it to ingest the catalogues into the database using a fast booster.

Data Source

A collection of tables which defines the pipeline input data, datasources were removed from the portal implementation in a recent refactoring of the Search Engine component, thus we avoid using this word.

DES Data Release

Data Releases are produced by DESDM, there are test, preliminary and annual releases


Supercâmera de 570 Mpix, instalada no telescópio Blanco de 4m, localizado no Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory, Chile, criada para servir ao DES.


Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument – espectrógrafo – levantamento astronômico internacional com uso de espectroscopia


DES Data Management group based on NCSA responsible for reducing DECam data


Development server


Galaxy photometric redshift by Directional Neighbourhood Fitting


Document Data Base – Um repositório de documentos onde os cientistas postam relatórios, apresentações, … Tem 2 docDBs: o do DES e o do LIneA